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Play it safe and let All4Fun, LLC be your DD for the night! We offer premier party bus serivces for a variaty of groups from kids to reitrement parites but the fun really starts when the adults get together for a few drinks. You can stock up the bus with all of the alcohol that you and your group can drink! We will hit any destination you like or just cruise around town jammin out to our awesome stereo system and LED lighting. We can stop at bars along the trip and so much more...

We do have a few rules when it involves drinking on the bus but it is nothing to serious and is only there for everyones safety. Click Here to view these rules of the bus.

The basic rate is $400 for 4 hours plus $75 per hour after 4 hours. Click here to view more prices.

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The best part about a party bus is the freedom you have to enjoy a great night with your friends! The cost for a fun night like this is far less then the cost of an OWI or DUI so let us take you out for the night!!!

All 4 Fun Services

Our services are only limited by your imagination! We can handle your adventure the way you like it. From weddings to parties to casino trips. Reserve now for your special day that you will never forget... You set the destination, we will drive you there in style!

We will also help you plan out your trip if you haven't decided where to go or just wish to cruise around town.
We are unable to supply alcohol but if your event is pre-planned such as a wedding event, we can meet up to load up prior to the event if needed. This will allow for seemless boarding of the bus and travel without extras worries.
You will be responsible for the music selection. However, we do have mp3 and wifi hookups to connect your mobile device to our sound system. You can play any music you like!

  • Party Bus Services
  • See Pricing
  • All times available to fit your schedule. Bring your own alcohol and plan your trip to any destination within the alloted time frame. If you would like more information on the Adult party Click Here.
  • 4 Hour Minimum - Any Hours and Days
  • Charged in 15 minute increments after 4 hours
  • Requires Damage and Reservation Deposit
  • Reserve Now