Cancellation Policy

Updated 1/22/2020

By creating a reservation you are entering into the agreement of the below policy included in this page and the policies from All4Fun, LLC.

Weather Cancellations

Safety is our number 1 concern of you and your guests, so we will allow cancellation due to adverse weather conditions that would prevent safe travel. If the IDOT or law enforcement advise no travel we will automatically cancel the event and refund the deposit or postpone if requested. The day before or the day of the event, if you have any concerns you may call 712.631.1110 or 712.324.1316

We reserve the right to cancel the job at any time for weather for the safety of our employees and equipment.

We will allow you to switch the reservation to another date if requested as long as the date and time is available.

General Cancellations

You may cancel any event over 30 days in advance.

If you cancel with less than 30 days before the event, the deposit becomes non-refundable at this point. We will allow you to change the date of the reservation for up to 10 days before the event. We need customers to understand that we run a business that operates 4 weekends per month. If we lose a job one weekend and cant replace it we are out money for our bills.

If you make a reservation less then 30 days away, the same 30 day cancellation policy above applies. No exceptions. The deposit is immediately non-refundable

The deposit is used as a reservation deposit as well as a damage deposit. If it is prior to the 30 day window we will refund the card or paypal that was used to pay the deposit when cancelling. If you paid this by check we will send out a check a week after cancelling.

We will allow you to change the date of your event as long as there is availabilty for the new date and it is atleast 10 days prior to your current scheduled event and the new date and time is available. Unless weather was a factor in postponement.

If you have any questions or concerns you will need to call 712.324.1316