Doug Oldenkamp | Travis Garrison | Jacob Voigt

Doug Doug Oldenkamp
All4Fun Co-Owner and Driver
Age 64
Works at GCC Alliance - Aggregate Driver
Employed at GCC for 41 years
Operating Partybuses for 3 years
Travis Travis Garrison
All4Fun Manager and Driver
Age 26
Works at Town & Country Implement - Service Tech
Operating Partybuses for 4 years
Jacob Jacob Voigt
All4Fun Driver
Age 30
Works at DK Plastics
Operating Partybuses for 4 years

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  • Party Bus Services
  • See Pricing
  • All times available to fit your schedule. Bring your own alcohol and plan your trip to any destination within the alloted time frame. If you would like more information on the Adult party Click Here.
  • 4 Hour Minimum - Any Hours and Days
  • Charged in 30 minute increments after 4 hours
  • Requires Damage and Reservation Deposit
  • Reserve Now